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UP COMING EVENT MERRITT STAR QUEST September 11th to the 19th! See the link (Banner) below for more information, rules and regulations as well as fee's. And "NO" you're not joining the FVAS nor is the FVAS incurring any costs for this event. The only thing both clubs pay for together is insurance costs we split the bill which is very beneficial for both societies. You're actually joining the Merritt Astronomical Society. Well in truth you're paying for the Cosmic Aroma therapy rooms! Can't have an event without those kicking around. At anyrate the event is coming together nicely! Always a great time and always looked forward too!

HOAX: A rumour that Mars will appear to be as large as the full Moon on the night of August 27 has been resurfacing every summer for the past decade. Letís set the record straight on this one by saying: no, no, no and no! Mars will never be large as the Moon it's 255 million kilometers away!! Itís just another internet hoax. To learn more on the origins of this urban legend (and why itís incorrect):CLICK HERE!

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  • Dark Sky Park Need to find us? Click here for maps and directions. And we'll do our best to show you the stars!
    The City of Abbotsford No Smoking By-Law
  • Royal Greenwich Museum A link suggestion, by Ms.Green's Lexington Middle School Class of 2013 filled with all kinds of astronomy information!

  • STELLARIUM A very good "free" Planetarium program.

    Swan Nebula (M17)
    Swan Nebula (M17)



    "Merritt Star Quest"
    A great "Summer" Star Party Venue
    Click Here to find out More!
    You'll be glad you did!


    Why we go to Merritt to a Star Party like this one?

    Suggest that you watch in Full Screen!


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    Auroral forecast from AuroraWatch.ca

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    All Abbotsford Parks are "DAY USE" only! So there is the potential that you run the risk of being locked in should you decide to stay after dark. McDonald "Dark Sky" Park only remains open when FVAS members are in attendance for an astronomical event. Should this happen please call the security number provided above for ABC Guards. Thank you!

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