Astronomy Software

    Sky Charts:
  • Astronomy can be daunting for beginners ó after all thereís a whole universe out there! But stargazing basics donít have to be hard. Sky Charts make it easy to learn the constellations, find out how to use star charts, and discover the night sky.
  • Sky Charts

  • For those of us who want something splashy on their computers, there is a whole host of screensavers available.
  • Screensavers

    Telescope Control Software:
  • In addition to the hand controllers provided by your mount manufacturer, there is a host of other software for controlling your mount. Some of the software is free. Others have trial periods so that you the user, may determine the best fit for you.
  • Telescope Control Software

    CCD Control and Imaging Software:
  • Most camera manufacturers provide you with software to support you camera's. Here are additional listings for you to try.
  • CCD Control and Imaging Software

    Other Software:
  • Additional types of software, not falling in the above categories.
  • Other Software

    Please Note:
  • The FVAS does not support or promote the above software. Users are reminded that they are responsible for their own computers safety (all files should be virus scanned). The above links are available on the intranet, and users should use these software products at their own discretion.

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