Suppliers for Mirror kits etc.,

The following are suppliers that we know supply mirror blanks,
grits,polish and pitch for making mirrors: There are probably
many others - check in your local area and also in magazines like
"Astronomy" "Sky and Telescope" and "Sky News" If you find others
please let us know and we can add them to our list.

1 ) Newport Glass Works Ltd., 1631 Monrovia Avenue, Costa Mesa
CALIFORNIA 92627. Telephone 949 645 1500.
email for their catalogue. They supply
mirror blanks, kits, diagonals, etc. email

2 ) Palomar Optical Supply, P.O. Box 1310 Wildomar,CALIFORNIA
CA.92595. Telephone: 909 245 9636

3 ) Willman-Bell Inc., P.O.Box 35025, Richmond Virginia,
Telephone; 804 320 7016 Mirror blanks, kits, polishes, pitch etc.,
Also supply books, CD's and other Astronomy related items.

4 ) ASM Products, 754 Chemin de la Montagne, Mont St. Hilaire,
Quebec, Canada, J3G 4S6. email
Supply a ceramic mirror blank, kits, finished mirrors and other accessories.


Harrison Scientific Instruments Ltd., 1859 West Fourth Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C.
V6J 1M4. (Canada)
Tel: (604) 737-4303
Fax: (604) 737-4390
email :
Suppliers of eyepieces, filters, and many other accessories - also complete telescopes


P.A.Clausing, Inc. 8038 Monticello Ave., Skokie, Illinois 60076.
Aluminum and other metals coatings.

Precision Applied Products 418 Ramsey Place, Placentia, California 92670.
Aluminum and enhanced coatings.

QSP Optical Technology. 1712-J Newport Circle, Santa Ana, California 92705
Aluminum and enhanced coatings.

Spectrum Coatings, 1165 Ring St., Deltona, Florida 32725, USA.
Mirror-coating with Aluminum overcoated, and enhanced aluminum.
go to for prices and specs.

Majestic Coatings, 152 Willow Way, Clark, NJ 07066. Protected Aluminum coating 90% reflectivity. Contact Jeff Decker, toll free 888-278-8308. Fax (732) 388-5826.

Moonward Vacuum Coatings. Suite 250, 800 LaSalle Blvd.,
Sudbury, Ontario, P3A 4V4.
Tel: (705)897-6542, Fax: (705)897-6816
Moonward also offer mirror grinding, polishing and evaluation services.

For more information go to this ATM page, Mirrors, Kits, Mirror Coating services etc.,

Another list of sources is on Ray Cash's page (San Fransisco Sidewalk Astronomers' site)
Look under tools, supplies. materials etc.

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