More advanced and larger telescopes

For more advanced construction, and especially for larger size telescopes, we strongly recommend that you purchase the following book:
"The Dobsonian Telescope, A practical Manual for Building Large Aperture Telescopes." Authors David Kreige and Richard Berry

This is available from Willman-Bell, Inc., PO box 35025, Richmond, Virginia 23235. or from many bookshops

The authors give very detailed instructions for building this type of telescope. Including the types of material to use and the details to ensure that the completed telescope is designed for proper balance and ease of motions in both axes.

Although this book is written for builders of large size telescopes such as 16 to 25 inch sizes and even larger, smaller sizes from perhaps 12-1/2 to 14 inch sizes can be adapted to this type of construction. My own 12-1/2 inch is built this way and is very easy to transport and sets up for use in about 2 minutes.

A picture of this is shown in the "pictures" section of this website The author's 12-1/2 inch telescope

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